Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

We have been a little out of the loop lately - busy developing new products! - but thought wanted to make sure to say Happy Mother's Day to all our of followers!

In honor of the Holiday, here are a few tips to share with the family on how to make the day extra special:
  • Start off with breakfast in bed! Make a favorite dish and be sure mom gets to sit out with the clean up!
  • After breakfast, organize a fun family activity such as a walk through the park or visit to the zoo.
  • Next keep the kids busy with an activity - we suggest printing our Mr. Bubble Mother's Day Card for them to color!
  • With the kids distracted, relax in a nice, hot bubble bath. Take at least 20 minutes to yourself with our luxurious Village Naturals Bath Shoppe Foaming Milk Bath. Try one of the newest fragrances - Vanilla Amber or Mango Mandarin.
  • Finally, end the day with a family dinner and satisfying dessert.

Tell us how you'd like to spend your day!

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