Friday, May 22, 2009


Welcome to The Village Company! This is our first of many posts to keep you in the loop on everything related to The Village Company (TVC) – from new products launching in stores to ideas we’re working on to relevant stories in the news.

A brief introduction… TVC develops and markets bath and body products under the brands: Mr. Bubble®, Village Naturals® Bath Shoppe, Village Naturals® Therapy, Village Naturals® Foot Essentials and Sesame Street®. We’re trying to make the world a better place one bath and shower at a time! TVC is constantly developing new products and working to ensure our current products are the best they can be. Primarily, you’ll be hearing from Jessica (adult brands) and Jenna (kids’ brands), but I’m sure there’ll be a few other ‘Village People’ chiming in here and there!

Hot off the presses!

  • Village Naturals Therapy Restless Nights products are now available at stores near you.
  • Village Naturals Sleep Therapy and Stress Therapy products will be available in stores starting the first week in June.
  • Mr. Bubble Foam Soaps and 3-in-1 products are now available.
  • Visit our store locator to find a store near you with these great products!

We're working on now...

  • A line of new Sesame Street® hair care products
  • New Village Naturals® Therapy Products
  • Rubber Ducky Bubble Bath
  • New & Improved Village Naturals® Bath Shoppe products
  • Special Offers on Mr. Bubble® Products

Are you interested in testing new products?
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