Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are your feet sandal-worthy?

There was a great article in today's NY Times about how we, as women, do not take care of our feet. Sure, we paint our nails, but there's a lot more to foot health than painted toes! Personally, I had been a life-long foot torturer; wearing 'too-cute' shoes, stoping at my ankles when moisturizing and slaping on a good coat of polish - thinking everything was great. The truth turned out that my cute shoes were killing my toes, heels and feet. I'd be out shopping and get a severe pain in my arch that nearly paralyzed me and made my friends think I was crazy.

I can still rationalize every 'too-cute' pair of shoes to my husband, but I've gotten smarter about what I do to repair the damage those new Nine West pumps are doing to my poor arches! Since becoming a 'Villager', I've learned about the essentials for feet - Foot Essentials, that is. By soaking my feet for just 10 minutes a few days a week (usually when I'm catching up on TV or reading), my arch pain has lessened. Our Foot Soak also helps stimulate circulation in your feet which helps improve overall health. Also, our Foot Scrub helps my feet look less like an elephant's and more like human feet! The Foot Balm caps it all off (I use it morning and night) to moisturize both feet and legs; it's got a great mint fragrance that makes your feet and legs feel fresh and clean!

It's so important to take a few minutes for ourselves everyday to keep the little things in-check - whether it's taking a bath to de-stress or soaking your feet to relax. I hope you find 10 minutes for yourself today!


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